Dec 20, 2012

Truth to Share

Women and Children.

I know all too well how all the words fall short in the wake of a tragedy.  We are a nation in grief for the little children and their beloved, martyred teachers.   For the parents who bought presents that will go  unopened on Christmas morning.  For the families whose holiday plans have changed from festival to funeral.

We are a nation trudging through, a little slower from the weight of sadness.

There has been some controversy over whether or not to tell young children.  More specifically, whether it is even possible to shield them from something that is so widespread in conversation and media.

I could not shield my child from the news that his sister died.  I could not shield my child from the reality that Daddy moved out.  I didn't mince words.  I explained things in terms he could understand, I left the conversation open, I let my sadness show.  We handled it.

There is room here for any variety of opinions, and I trust each parent to make that decision for their child.

I'm going on record here, as someone who has had experience sharing life's tragic events with my little child, that I see no reason to share what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary with my first-grader.  And for awhile there I didn't think I was going to have a choice.  I was, and am prepared to have any length of discussion with him about it if he hears about it.  I'm not worried about that.

The truth is, no amount of Security or Gun Control can guarantee our safety.  That is the reality.  The awareness, the dwelling on thoughts that horrific things can and did happen to the most innocent people, is not going to benefit Shane in any way.

I appreciate his school so much.  More than before.  And I am  IN LOVE with his teacher.  And I'm glad they will begin lock down drills in January, telling the kids it's to be prepared if a skunk should be running down the hall.  Can we take a moment to appreciate how precious that is?

So glad, and yet I understand that in the event of a real emergency, there may still be casualties.

This morning I told my son all the truth he needs to arm himself in preparation for any catastrophe.  I told him that if he ever needs help and I'm not there, to remember that his angels are always there, and ready to help him.  That he can ask for whatever help he needs.  And that even when I'm not with him, my love is always with him.  And that no matter what happens, he will be great.