Apr 21, 2014

Wave Pool Wisdom

This little blog has sort of taken a different direction than was first intended.  I sometimes, um, feel shy about how exposed I've made myself here.  I also haven't had much to say, life has settled down a bit, and I've been rather content just plodding through, not really needing to process so publicly.

This year, impulsively, I booked an Easter weekend stay for my mom, myself and the kids at The Cape Codder Resort, mostly because of the wave pool. There are life lessons everywhere...

It's important, once in a while, to thrust yourself down a dark and watery slide. Let your stomach drop, let your heart sicken for the brief moments before you are plunged into the light.  Remind yourself that terror can give way to thrill, and that both are temporary.  Repeat as necessary.

If you like what you're doing, like playing in the waves, consider cancelling all your other plans and stay in the waves.  I'm always pleased when I recognize the opportunity to do less.  You may find you have the pool and the slides all to yourselves while the crowd rushes outside hunting for eggs.  Suckers.

Take longer than your fair share in the hot tub.  Because, as my mother used to say, life's not fair.