Feb 28, 2010


Yes, really. We are super blessed. It occurred to me several times during those first days in the hospital. Yes, we lost our baby on this earth, but we are left with more than enough. Our grief is deep, and yet our life as a whole is a happy life. At times I do feel angry, and filled with sorrow, but today I feel comforted.

Having Brynn has been a transforming experience. I am amazed at the support we've received. A stranger from Cincinnati sent me a gift card this week to lift my spirits, after an old friend from high school shared our story in her small group. Things like this keep happening, and it all really helps. Friends far and near have been so effective at communicating their love, and I feel at times that I am physically upheld by this.

Other moms are spending time with their newborns changing diapers, nursing, pacing through hours of squawking. I am left with other responsabilities; such as researching umbilical cord anomalies and studying God's promises of heaven. I want to know what I can actually count on.

This life will pass by quickly, and there's plenty do to while we're here. And when I think of Brynn in heaven, even if she witnesses my tears, she's not worried. She's OK and is patiently awaiting our reunion. There is so much love between us, and that love still makes me happy, even though I miss her.

I am inspired to be prepared, to be a good steward of all that I've been given, and to bless others in the way that I've been blessed, although I feel it's a debt I could never fully repay. I pray that all of you reading this will be blessed for the kindness you show just in being here with us in this moment.


  1. Amen, sister! Sometimes the richest blessings emerge as we walk "through the valley of the shadow of death."

  2. Teresa, Your words and outlook inspire me!