Feb 13, 2010


We are left more grateful for eachother, our marriage of 10 years, and our precious little son who blesses us with reasons for joy hundreds of times a day.

We are grateful for the great support of friends and family. I am so blessed and inspired by the strong women I call my friends. One friend (that I know of) researched infant death every night to learn how to be a friend to me during this time. I would have never thought to do that! Far better friends have I than I am. I will strive to change that.

We are grateful for the kindness of acquaintances, and of strangers. The emails and cards from people we didn't expect. Matthew O'Neil of O'Neil Funeral Home in Middleboro MA took care of everything for our sweet baby's burial. He visited with me in the hospital, he came to our home to collect the things that would stay with her, he stayed to witness her burial when we couldn't bare to watch, and never charged a penny.

For those who may have unwittingly said or done the "wrong" thing for us, we forgive you. I am sure that I've fallen into this category many a time. Losing a baby is, gratefully, not something many of us are used to dealing with. By your prayers we have everything we need.


  1. Oh, Teresa, I am so sorry. We are praying for you, Jimmy, Shane, and Brynn.

  2. Brynn will forever be in our hearts and loved dearly.

  3. Teresa your blog is such a nice way to honor Brynn. I'm sure it is very helpful for other mothers who have the same questions as you. What a beautiful name you chose! Please let me know if you need anything