Aug 21, 2012

Lonely on the ark.

"Maybe God wasn't talking about a literal flood.  Maybe he meant a flood of knowledge, or a flood of awareness.."

"If that's true.  I'm going to be so pissed."

I can relate to Evan's sentiment.  Sometimes I feel like the lonely girl, standing around on this crazy boat all by myself, waiting for my miracle. 

I do believe in Jesus. I take the Bible literally.  It feels a little lonely here sometimes.  Sometimes I feel like if someone professes to believe in Jesus,it is assumed that they also shame people of other beliefs, and vote Republican.

More and more people seem to migrate towards the "spiritual but not religious" category.  I know many members of this group were raised in the Church.  Traumatized by their upbringing by Christians, in their families maybe.  Maybe these individuals were disillusioned by the Christian name to the point that they threw the baby Jesus out with the bathwater.  (clever, I know)

A close friend and I were discussing our beliefs.  Paraphrased, she was saying that the Bible is a historical novel, and the problem with taking it literally is that you base your feelings of right and wrong on something that is from an antiquated time period.  Women were property back then, don't you know.  That's a good point.

But I want to believe, I do believe, I'm allowed to believe that all the stories in the Bible are true, and still walk away with a love for Jesus, and gay people, and Jewish people, and even the Republicans ;).  

I don't find anything in the Bible that makes it OK to shame others. Or even ourselves. Pray instead of worry, love love love.  I absolutely don't have all the answers.  I don't even want all the answers.  I just have my Faith.  And I want to live as though my purpose here is to love.  It's a challenge, because I have grown accustomed to other, less lovely feelings.

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