Aug 24, 2012

One Kick Butt Summer

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I remember signing yearbooks at the end of each school year.  Everyone, every year, wrote the same thing:  "Have a kick ass summer."  Well, I finally did.

We were able to afford to do lots of amazing things, thanks to Living Social deals, coupons, craigslist, and packed lunches.

I wanted to commemorate it. I made this book for Shane to highlight the special events of our amazing summer.  I included (all low quality, I'm afraid) pictures from our Storyland vacation, surfing at Nantasket beach, taking dad on a brunch cruise for Father's Day, and some of my favorite times, just hanging out in our yard.  I made it for free through a promotion by joining The Baby Center, and then Shutterfly offered me Ten bucks to post it to my blog, so here ya go!
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  1. Awesome! This is how it starts,it will be big someday!