Aug 1, 2012

A Very Good Year

I've been a single mom for a year.  This makes me proud, excited, and depressed all at once.  I could wax poetic about it all, but I'm too darn tired.  And that, my friends, about sums it up.

I'm adding on here a few days later because I want to give justice to this hallmark.  I sacrificed a lot in marriage.  As did my husband.  Marriage is a beautiful thing, and it is also an extremely hard thing, from my experience and observation.  There was a time where I would have sacrificed anything to stay married, but I wasn't given that choice.  Now I'm grateful for that fact.  And someday I hope to be partnered up with some amazing spirit that is housed in warm flesh and blood, but for now, I am glad for the break.  Sometimes I even feel sorry for married people.

This past year started in a panicked stream of tears.  August 2, 2011 I felt untethered to the Earth, and not in a good way.  I repeated the phrase "I'm in crisis."  I asked for help.  I cheered myself up by bringing bright, colorful decor into the home. Without asking anyone.  We brought in lots more pets.  We started eating meals at the table.  I gathered around me, and was gathered into circles of friends that inspire me and support me.  I spent evenings reading books filled with wisdom and comfort.  It has been one of the best years of my life.

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